Who I am





Hans-Henry (Hasse) Kvist
Senior Energizer,
Challenger and Aligner. M.Sc. (Econ.)
+358 400 423 257
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Interests at work: 

Hasse likes it best when he can work closely together with international groups in strategy execution related programs. During 2018 - 2019 Team energy has been at the top of his mind. It warms his heart when he can strengthen the leadership and coaching skills of managers in demanding positions. Just like in sports people at work need a coach to reach their true potential.

Working languages:

Hasse´s working languages are Finnish and English. He has also facilitated seminars and workshops in Swedish, and he can communicate well in German.


Hasse has a working background from the Forest Industry and from the Wholesale industry. He studied in the Helsinki School of Economics and reached the M. Sc. (Econ.) level.  Then he went on to work In England for a few years. Hasse´s consulting life started in the Finnish 3-D (Bill Reddin) organization which supported  client organizations managers in developing their Managerial Effectiveness. Hasse was then invited to the then leading Nordic service organization consultancy – The SMG Service Management Group. From there Hasse went on to start Sedecon Oy Service Development Consultants with two former colleagues.  Hasse was Sedecon Oy´s managing director for the first six years.  Later when Sedecon grew rapidly into a team of 30 Hasse was chairman of the board. When Sedecon was sold in 2000 Hasse started his own company Performance Power Associates where he still works as a senior consultant entrepreneur.


Hasse has been part of and founded eleven book writing teams. “Tiimisoppa” - a book about Team Energy - was published on 1st April 2020 with great people who share the same interest as Hasse. The two previous books are “Elä energisesti – Find your Energy Balance” written together with Kenny and Tuomo, and  “Strategia toimeksi – Strategy into Action” written together with likeminded people who formed the Strato network. The other team written books in Hasse´s writing past have covered the following Leadership related subjects: Performance Leadership and Coaching, Change Leadership, Empowered High Performance Teams, Process Development, and Quality Management in Service Organizations. You can purchase the two energy books "Tiimisoppa" and "Elä energisesti" from Hasse at a total price of 49 EUR incl. VAT.

Hasse´s slogan:

First you must energize yourself and your team. Then strategy execution becomes easy!


Hasse is a member of Strato consultant network. More information on Strato network is available at www.strato.fi. In Strato strategy implementation tools, models and programs - aimed at energizing clients´ strategy creation and strategy execution actions - have been developed.



 PPA | Perttiläntie 17, FI-08500 Lohja